Personal Data Processing
and Protection Policy

Who we are
We are Limited Liability Company “The IGR Solutions Recruiting Agency” (LLC “IGR solutions”) / OGRN1105262009720 / tax number 5262257620. Registered and operating in Russia.
General Provisions
The IGR Solutions Recruiting Agency is an agency dealing with personnel search and selection at the customer request. The agency activities are within the legislation of the Russian Federation, including Federal Law 152-FZ, On Personal Data, of 27 July 2006. According to 152-F, On Personal Data, the IGR Solutions Recruiting Agency is the Operator that carries out personal data processing. The personal data processing purposes are job placement assistance for job seekers and the selection of candidates for companies.
Personal Data Processing
Personal data processing refers to any activity or a set of activities performed using automation means or without using such means, including the personal data collecting, recording, organizing and structuring, accumulating, storing, clarification (updating, changing), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), anonymization, blocking, deletion, destruction.
Personal Data Providing
The personal data that you provide to the IGR Solutions Recruiting Agency are as follows: your name, surname, patronymic, phone number, email address, photo, resume, diplomas and certificates of graduation, salary at the current place of work, references, data of social network accounts including but not limited to Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn. Any personal data received from a candidate or a customer company will not be provided (transmitted) to a third party without the prior consent given by the subject of personal data.
Uploading Resume to the Website
By voluntarily uploading your resume to the IGR Solutions Recruitment Agency website -, you agree to be bound by this policy. With that, we undertake to properly store your personal data for the purpose of searching for vacancies that match your knowledge and skills and not to disclose your personal data to a third party without your knowledge and consent.
Where We Store your Personal Data
Your personal data is stored in an automated Recruitment Management System, and only employees of the IGR Solutions Recruiting Agency have access to it. The agency staff is familiar with the personal data protection policy and respects the confidentiality of all data received by the agency.
Personal Data Deletion
If, for any reason, you want us to erase your personal data, please contact us by email at, and all your personal data will be deleted.
Identity Files, Markers (Cookies)
Identity files are chunks of data sent by a web server and stored on a user computer. When opening pages on the website, identification files are exchanged, which, among other things, are used to authenticate the user, store user personal preferences and settings, and collect statistics. This information helps us to improve the quality of the services we provide to clients and candidates.

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Study and Acceptance of the Provisions
By studying the above provisions and sending your personal data or other information to the IGR Solutions Recruiting Agency you agree to have your personal data processed and used for employment or recruiting purposes.